November 2020

Check out this new website!!  Great information about Wayne County, with more to come:



WCNYGS does not handle genealogical research requests.  

We do not have the materials or facilities for conducting 

genealogical research.  

Genealogical research queries/inquiries are handled through 

the Office of the Wayne County New York Historian.

Open by appointment only! (historian@co.wayne.ny.us)

<Wayne County NY Historian>

Don't forget to contact the town historians!

A list of current town historians is available on the Wayne County Historian's website (link above). 


Through the support of the Wayne County Historical organizations, a county-wide genealogical society, the Wayne County New York Genealogical Society (WCNYGS) was formed October 23, 2012, with forty-five charter members.

The Wayne County New York Genealogical Society (WCNYGS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to:

  • Educating its members and the community about proper genealogical research methods and source documentation;

  • Seeks to further the genealogical historical knowledge of its members and community; and,

  • Endeavors to preserving records of genealogical value and make them available to others.

New Announcement!

WCNYGS 2020 dues will be carried over for 2021-calendar year with a reminder to all those who did not pay their 2020 dues they still need to be paid before September 1, 2020, or they will be dropped from the active membership roll and will not be allowed to vote in the upcoming election.  

WCNYGS is expecting to resume meetings in the VIRTUAL (ZOOM) format beginning on the 4th Tuesday of the month September 22, 2020.  This will allow all of our members to attend our meeting wherever they live or happen to be at the meeting time. 

The annual meeting of the membership & election will be Tuesday, November 17, 2020 (the 3rd Tuesday due to Thanksgiving 11/26.  The WCNYGS Slate for 2020-2022 Election cycle - President:  Ann Sewert;  Treasurer:  Stephen Sklenar.   Bylaws are being updated to include Virtual meetings and electronic voting.  

BJ Reeves, President
Wayne County New York Genealogical Society



                                   Interested in joining us?

Download Membership Registration - Renewal PDF file found at the bottom of this page, submit the filled form and check for $15 to :

Wayne County New York Genealogical Society
P. O. Box 502
Newark, NY 14513-0502

Information on meeting dates & locations, program announcements and membership applications, etc., can be found & downloaded in PDF format. The WCNYGS Membership-year is January through December.


Membership in Wayne County New York Genealogical Society permits members' contributions to the society's newsletter and website.