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The Hoeltzel family lived in the Newark area.  This postcard, printed in Sodus Point, belonged to the late Bob Hoeltzel, Arcadia Town Historian. 

According to an article in the Newark Union Gazette of July 23, 1910, this picture may have been of the third reunion of the Hoeltzel family held at the William Sucher home in Alton, NY.

Those individuals identified are:

Left Side of Table:  William Sucher, Edward Bremer, Aunt Liz, Mrs. Edward Bremer, Mrs. William Sucher and Maude Sucher.

Right Side of Table:  Minnie Hoeltzel is the 7th person in.  M. J. Flynn is near the end of the table.

Do you recognize any of the other faces?

Information provided courtesy of the Newark-Arcadia Historical Society and Museum and John Zornow.



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