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Charter, Purpose & Genealogist's Standards -------List of WCNYGS Officers

*Preserve and perpetuate ancestral records for educational and historical purposes;

*Encourage the study of family history and to teach the methods of genealogical research;

*Promote genealogical publications;

*Promote the preservation and safeguarding of genealogical data; and 

*Publish and circulate literature relative to the purposes and acquisitions of the Society. 


 President 2020-2022 Barbara Hill
 Vice President 2021-2023 
 Secretery 2021-2023 Chris Daviscdavis016@wcnygs.com
 Treasurer 2020-2022 Steve Sklenar     ssklenar@wcnygs.com

National Genealogical Society Standards

The Wayne County New York Genealogical Society recommends and supports the Recommended Standards of the National Genealogical Society:
Guidelines for Sound Genealogical Research
Standards for Use of Technology in Genealogy
Guidelines for Genealogical Self-Improvement
Standards for Sharing Information With Others
Guidelines for Using Respositories and Libraries
Guidelines for Publishing Web Pages on  the Internet.

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